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Suggested Freeze Preventative Maintenance and Freeze Damage To Do’s

Your Paragon Pools Swimming Pool Equipment includes Freeze Protection which will run your pool pumps which are configured and have “Freeze Protection” turned on. As we have experienced during this epic freeze in February of 2021, Freeze Protection only works if power is maintained. When temperatures are expected to stay below freezing for an extended period of time, or when temperatures are expected to be well below freezing for a short or extended period and potential power outages, it is advised to Winterize your Swimming Pool Equipment. To do so, first turn off your breakers to all pool pumps, heater, chiller and blower. Then remove drain plugs on all pumps, heater, filters. If possible, use a blower to blow any additional water out of lines and equipment.

If you have / had your equipment running on Freeze Protection and lost power, if possible, immediately drain and winterize your pool equipment prior to freezing over. If your equipment has already froze up, turn off all breaker to your pool pumps. Upon the thaw out, visually inspect pipes, pumps, filter/s for cracks. After all equipment has completely thawed out and no visual cracks or damage are present, you may reverse the winterizing order by installing all plugs back in.

SYSTEM RE-START – it is advised to schedule a restart by Paragon Pools or your Pool Cleaning Service as there may be damages to equipment that could cause pipes or the filter to shatter while being pressured.

If you choose to re-start your own equipment at your own risk:

1. install all drain plugs that were removed
2. turn breakers back on
3. prime your pumps
4. re-start your pumps making sure you have prime. 

STAND BACK AS THE SYSTEM BEGINS TO PRESSURE UP.  After the pump is running and lines have been cleared of air, inspect the pumps, pipes, filter, heater for any visible leaks or damage. If a cracked pipe or equipment is detected, turn the pump off  and turn the breaker for that pump off.    Call and schedule a repair.

The drain plugs are marked on each of the diagrams.