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Giving Your Modern-Style Pool the Wow Factor 

Modern pools are characterized by the principles of mod design - minimalism,clean lines, obvious geometry and distinct color palettes. A modern pool can be a striking complement to your contemporary home. However, there are some details that can elevate the design to give your pool are a real wow factor. Add drama and style to your backyard with a pool new build or renovation


Choose Geometric Shapes for the Pool and Spa 

If you're starting from scratch, you have the opportunity to emphasize geometry in your pool design. Rather than opt for a pool with curves, select a rectangular one. From there, add a spa with obvious geometry. For instance, you could choose to tuck a circular spa in a corner of the pool or extend aside with a perfect square encompassing a spa. 

Consider an Infinity Pool or Spa 

The vanishing edge or infinity pool is another way to add drama to your backyard. These work by incorporating a basin for catching the water overflow just out of sight. All you see from a specific vantage point - say your house or deck - is the vanishing edge of the pool. An infinity pool is an excellent way to highlight the scenery on the other side with the sleek line of water. 

Include a Mod Water Fountain 

A built-in fountain spilling water into your pool creates beauty and adds the soothing sounds of water music. Consider a mod-style fountain. This could be geometric concrete pitchers spilling water into the pool. It could also be a concrete wall with a sheet of water pouring down the facade. Anything that blends industrial materials with minimalist profiles will complement the mod pool. 

Look into a Glass Wall

If your swimming pool has any above-ground area, a glass wall can be a striking addition. You could purposely elevate part of the pool to showcase a glass wall. The wall will feature the industrial material, glass, and the clean lines and geometry. 

Add Geometry to the Pool's Environs 

Your pool isn't a stand alone structure. As you design the deck and lounge area, emphasize principles of geometry. For instance, design a walkway out of square pavers. Add a perfectly round fire pit nearby. Include rectangular bench seating. Just make sure you keep the lines clean so the shapes are easy to identify.

Blend Concrete and Landscaping

You'll need some upright hardscaping in your pool area, perhaps for perimeter walls or a shelter. Consider concrete for this hardscaping because it's an industrial material that creates that mod vibe. Plan your landscaping so the blank face of the concrete shows off the texture or shapes in the plants. For instance, plant geometric succulents against the concrete wall of your cabana.

Play with Color

Modern outdoor spaces typically utilize bright colors. Naturally, you can use colors such as red and yellow for your pool side fabrics. One designed house had an orange grate walkway that led to the pool. Not only was the walkway an unusual color, but the metal grating emphasizes the industrial vibe of the mod style. You can use similar creativity for your own pool.

Let your imagination run freely as you plan your stunning modern-style pool. Consult the experts at Paragon Pools to make your visions a reality.